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I visited the dreamy town of Snowdrop. I loved the way the PWP’s were laid out and the cute little areas. The maze is super too. 

Anonymous sent: do you have qr codes or anything for your welcome sign? it's very cute and i want a welcome sign but can't find any. :(

you’re welcome!


I visited the wonderful town of Snowdrop! Look at how lovely it is!Thank you to heirabbit for sending me your address!

Town Name: Snowdrop
DA: 7200-4355-6612
illuminated heart

illuminated heart

Anonymous sent: respect to you bc of your acnl town o:

thank you!! :D

I have da now!^^7200-4355-6612

I have da now!^^


plot resetting


plot resetting

dammit I stuffed up. I lost Bam. 
If anyone has any jock villager moving out, I can offer bells, hybrids, and any DLCs…

edit: TY for the signal boosting! A super nice person gave me Rory for free. :)

plucking stray leaves off the flower arch~

plucking stray leaves off the flower arch~

Anonymous sent: do you plan to update the dream address?

Probably not. I haven’t touched my first town in a long time. I’ve been working on my second town.

If you mean update my second town, I’ll release my second town when I finish it. :)